Name for a group of penguins?
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What is the collective name for a group of penguins?

There is no generally accepted collective noun for penguins.  A large breeding group is commonly refered to as a "colony" of penguins.  The place where they breed is variously known as a "Rookery" or "Penguinery"; both these terms are also sometimes used to describe a large group of penguins on the land.

However, penguins usually spend most of their time in the sea; a group floating on the surface is sometimes called a "raft" of penguins.

At the 4th International Penguin Conference in Chile in September 2000, it was agreed by penguin researchers that they would try to refer to a group of penguins on the land as a "waddle" of penguins and a group in the water as a "raft" of penguins. We hope that these collective nouns will become widely accepted in the near future. They also said that the word ‘rookery’ is no longer used very much.